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Christopher’s Story


This is Chris, a patient at FM Healing Center.  Chris came to FMHC about 6 months ago.  Since then, his life has made such an inspiring turn, his wife Kristie, pictured with him, was motivated to make a change in her life as well.  Together, they are learning and living a better way of life. This is Chris’ story.

Recalling the person her husband used to be, Kristie said, “When I met Chris, he had 3 bodyguards, garbage bags full of marijuana, a cooler with jars full of pills, uncut kilos of cocaine, and a girl with a notebook keeping record of it all. Our very first date, he did a drive-by shooting”.  Chris humbly tells the same story of how he was a feared man; a man that was violent and angry.

Chris’ addiction to drugs started with an injury.  He was attacked by a bull and prescribed hundreds of OxyContin and Xanax each month.  Chris was easily paying cash for these doctor visits and it continued on until the prescribing doctor was finally arrested and incarcerated.  It was then that Chris started spending all of his money to supply his addiction to opiates, later switching to heroin because it was cheaper, and then going on to meth for energy to get back up and go to work.  Chris knew it was past time to quit when his wife left him.

Chris’ initial barrier to substance abuse treatment was lack of insurance and the ability to pay for his treatments and medications.  After the Affordable Care Act, he went to a Suboxone clinic. “They just gave me the medicine and it never worked”, Chris said.

Then, he came to FMHC and began getting individual counseling and a treatment plan he wanted and agreed to.  “I left here thinking about goals, I didn’t want to be a drug addict, I wanted a drug free family and life…my wife was following me and I felt responsible—we went from a loving family to a sickness that was tearing our love apart”.  Chris is no longer angry; he is laid-back, happy, reading and studying his Bible, and enjoying “ordinary things like planning a dinner or having the children over”. 

Once a target for the police, they now pat him on the back and say things like, ‘If you could put that cure in a bottle, you would be a millionaire’. “Not a day goes by someone doesn’t say, ‘Chris, how did you beat it’?” Chris says, “I tell them I was sick and tired and opened up.  I tell them about the therapy here, meditation, spirituality, putting up No Trespassing Signs, how it all made me a different man.” 

Chris’ advice for anyone trapped in addiction:

“You got to want to not get up and do a line of heroin, you got to want to be clean, got to love and help yourself- got to love and help someone else”.