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Jessica’s Story


This is Jessica and her daughter, Serenity.   Jessica came to FM Healing Center almost a year ago seeking help for her drug addiction.  After just a week of treatment, Jessica found out she was pregnant.  As she recalls, she was both embarrassed and afraid to tell FMHC about the pregnancy, fearing they would discharge her from treatment.  This wasn’t the case and Jessica would soon find out that FMHC would be one of her biggest supporters during this important transition in her life.

Jessica came from an environment where using drugs was the norm.  By the age of 16, Jessica had endured trauma in her life and began using drugs.  Jessica says, “I can’t pinpoint the exact moment when it went from just having fun and getting high to the point that it was a have-to and needing the drugs just to function”.  By at least 19 years old, Jessica had a full blown addiction to opiates and other drugs.  In the years that followed, the addiction was described by Jessica to be “controlling, depressing, and evil”.  She recalls desperately wanting to get help with her previous pregnancies and without insurance or money, this wasn’t possible. Jessica took suboxone from the street and because she didn’t have a prescription, her children were taken from her by CPS.  Jessica wanted this pregnancy to be different; she wanted to take her baby home this time and knew it was time for her to change.

Jessica said, “The hardest part of recovery was the mental part…working on things mentally that I had always pushed to the side and liking who I was”.   After a few weeks of therapy at FMHC, Jessica said she could see a difference in her life and that “good things were coming”. She no longer had to fake being clean because people around her began to notice the change.  “Once I saw the changes, there was no stopping me”, she says.

A year later, Jessica has successfully maintained her sobriety and delivered and brought home a healthy, beautiful baby girl.  There were no complications with the pregnancy nor did the baby have any withdrawal symptoms.  As Jessica has healed her own emotional well-being, she has also worked on healing other relationships in her life.  She finds support with her spouse, who is happily sharing recovery with her. Jessica uses the coping skills she has learned on a daily basis and now has goals for her future.  Within the next year, she wants her family to have their own home and transportation.  Jessica’s spouse works long hours to provide for the family as they push towards these goals.

For anyone that is going through the darkness of addiction, Jessica wants to tell them, “It is possible. At the time it seems like the hardest thing ever.  Once you put in the time and effort, you can get there and it’s worth it. There’s a whole different kind of peace when you’re clean.”