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Overcoming addictions and disorders is absolutely crucial to living a higher quality life.  Your physical and mental health matters because everything we do, and every emotion we feel, relates to our well-being.  In turn, our well-being directly affects our actions and emotions.  It’s a life cycle.  Therefore, it is important you eliminate destructive addictions, subdue stress and anxiety, depression, and other problems to reduce the risk of illness and ensure positive interactions in everything you do every day.

Imagine….feeling constantly great about what you do, who you are, and what you can accomplish. We are all about helping you go from stuck to success, from confined to free, and from out of control to being in control.

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We offer powerful, highly customized, treatments that provide you major positive improvements in your life in a short period.  Let us guide you to find the resources within yourself to make profound transformations in your life and future.  We are all about helping you go from stuck to success, from confined to free, and from out of control to being in control.

Here are the categories where we can help.  Take a look at the area you are currently struggling with and then call us for a FREE consultation.

Why Are We The Best?

Our mission is to use all medical and therapeutic resources to help everyone be free from destructive addictions, to subdue stress and anxiety, and eliminate other abnormal disorders, reducing the risk of illness and ensuring positive interactions in everything you do. It’s all about empowering people and changing lives.
Good Health is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life. But, it’s more than just being free from illness. It is a dynamic process of change & growth.
We will work to earn your trust and do everything that we can to provide you the best information and the finest professional care possible. You will always be treated with kindness and compassion, and we will always strive to keep you first in everything that we do.

Stress & Anxiety

Stress and Anxiety

75% to 95% of all illness and Doctor related visits are stress related.  We’ve all felt the unpleasant effects of stress.  Anxiety is part of normal human experiences, but anxiety and prolonged stress takes a terrible toll on our health.  When your body is under stress, your cells actually change shape and become unhealthy.  It is a heavy contributor to many life threatening illnesses.   Our Counselors and Therapists are trained  to help you learn to eliminate dangerous stress and anxiety that is controlling your life.



Anger is a very normal, often healthy, human emotion and most people have experienced it at some point during their life.  It is an extremely powerful emotion, and is nature’s way of empowering individuals to protect themselves against a perceived attack or threat. It is only the mismanagement of anger that causes problems.  When anger becomes out of control it can have many negative consequences, including damaging relationships, causing problems at work, domestic abuse, road rage, violence, your health, and generally affecting the overall quality of life for everyone.  We’ll show you how to change all that so you can change your approach to life and be in total control of your emotions.

Weight Loss

Diets fail, as I am sure you have experienced yourself.  Just as many have done over and over and over again.  Did you know that 98% of ALL diets fail with 30% of dieters actually gaining more weight?  Control is the crux of food addiction.  We all need food every day but the problem only arises when we lose control of our intake and eat too much of it.  A gastric band is a proven way to lose weight. But it involves scary high-risk surgery.  But, what if you could achieve the same feeling and same results without surgery?



A habit is a learned behavior that you repeat so often that you begin to do it without even thinking about it.  An addiction is an obsessive, uncontrollable and often damaging attachment to an activity, behavior or substance.  They are more powerful and a more dangerous advancement form of a habit.  Usually, they are conscious and impulsive responses that can become very difficult to control.  We have a certified Medical and Psychological team ready to help get rid of your addictions through a customized rehabilitation program.



Have you ever noticed that some people manage to be motivated all the time?  They just seem to have some secret technique that helps them keep it all together.  Whatever life throws at them, they just take it in stride and go with the flow.  But, when we look at ourselves, we seem inadequate or unable to “measure up”.

But, often, things we never think we’ll achieve are actually quite attainable.  But, how?  We will show you how.  Our certified Counselors and Therapists know the importance of motivation in your life and can show you how to change from life controlling you to being in control of your life.

Case Management

Case management is for people who need extra assistance and support.  It helps them to adopt and stick with proven treatments.  Our core care management program includes precertification, concurrent review, discharge planning, retrospective review and case management.

If you are looking for expert assistance in caring for a family member, friend, or yourself, FM Healing Center will help you learn about Case Management and partner with you to help you make the best decisions and deliver the best solutions for you and your loved one as they age. It’s a holistic approach – that respects your values, preferences, and both financial and time resources.

Fears & Phobias

Fears and Phobias

Fear and Phobias are really products of your imagination of what might happen if.  It is like water.  It needs a channel to go down.  If nothing actually life threatening is happening right at the point you feel fear, then your imagination constructs a channel for that fear by creating a reason for you to feel fearful.  If there’s no real evidence of threat, your imagination will very quickly make up evidence to justify the fear.  Our certified Counselors and Therapists can help you eliminate your Fears and Phobias and give you the confidence you are looking for.


Children and Teens

1 in 6 young people will experience anxiety problems at some point.  It can affect anyone of any age, social group or background.  When feelings of anxiety become overwhelming, children and teens can begin to feel they are losing control both of the situation around them and of their own bodies.  These psychological feelings can lead to panic attacks.  To deal with these feelings they call upon the inner resources in order to find a coping mechanism.  Unfortunately some of the coping mechanisms are negative and self-destructive.  We have certified Counselors and Therapists that are trained in helping Children and Teens.  Catch the destructive behaviors while they are easier to reverse.

Mental Health

If you have, or believe you may have, a mental health problem, it is essential to talk to a professional about these issues. It can be scary to reach out for help.  But it is the first step to helping you heal, grow, and recover.

At FM Healing center we offer certified psychologists and psychiatrists to help you develop a plan and guide you through the recovery process.  We will show you how to identify triggers that can make you feel worse and  learn how to manage them.  Recovery is a process of change where individuals improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life, and lean to reach their full potential.

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